Postcards from Kate is a nationwide project aimed at encouraging brave politicians, journalists, and other public figures to keep fighting the good fight by sending them thank you notes to thank them for their good deeds. 

We exist to magnify the good in a time when many are focused on criticism. We're non-partisan and we're all volunteers.

Every day, we'll post the names and mailing addresses of at least one person deserving of our wholehearted thanks. For taking an action which reinforces or supports our progressive values. We believe in equal rights, access to healthcare, just and fair governance, and freedom. We don't think any party owns American values. We believe kindness is the best policy.

The people we thank will be Republicans, Democrats, Journalists, and other fantastic people doing good in the world. Thank you notes are not endorsements, and are not indicative of holistic approval of all of an individual's stated positions or past actions. We praise people when they do good things. Even if it's the only good thing they ever did in their entire lives.

We urge to you follow along and send Thank You notes along with us. 
Our inspiration for the project is scholar, poet, social activist, feminist and American patriot Katharine Lee Bates, author of "America, the Beautiful," who "describes America not only as it was, but as it could be."* We believe it, too. And we think her song should totally be the national anthem.



Melissa Smith, Founder

Amelia West, Founder

MaryBeth Byram, Graphics