Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt investigate and report (and possibly take down) Bill O'Reilly

Intrepid reporting is critical to our democracy. Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt at the The New York Time dug up the details on sexual harassment allegations against one of the media's most powerful and destructive voices, and how much in settlements has been paid by Fox News to keep the stories quiet. O'Reilly is on "vacation" now, presumably because advertisers have fled since this piece was published at the beginning of the month. We may finally see the end of this guy on prime time.

Thank these reporters for pursuing this story, and consider also sending a note to the Editor for supporting investigative journalism and publishing the piece. Neither the pursuit nor the decision could have been easy, and we're going to continue to need their dedication and courage. 

Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt
The New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY, 10018