Inaugural Thank You Note!! Kimberly Hively, Civil Rights Hero

Inaugural Thank You Note!! (We think Kate would be so proud of this one.)

For our first thank you postcard, we are writing to Kimberly Hively. When she was fired for being gay, she took an incredibly brave stand and sued her employer. Yesterday, the Seventh Court ruled 8-3 that the firing violated the Civil Rights Act. Previously, courts have held that sexuality isn't a protected class. But Hively and her lawyers argued it was sex discrimination: She was fired for not conforming to a stereotypical female gender role. This is huge. Read more about the case here.

Thank Hively for standing up by writing to: 

Kimberly Hively
c/o Greg Nevins, Employment Fairness Program Director Lambda Legal
120 Wall Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10005