mark! Lopez: Smelter Smiter

Community activist, organizer and recent recipient of the 2017 Goldman Environmental Prize for North America, mark! Lopez, is an environmental hero! His good work led to the shutdown of Exide, a battery smelter company that had polluted neighboring communities outside of East Los Angeles with toxic chemicals like lead and arsenic for over 3 decades. He then persuaded the state of California to provide lead testing and cleanup of the East LA homes contaminated. His activism continues as the executive director of the East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice.

"We didn’t beat Exide in D.C. We didn’t even beat Exide in Sacramento. We beat Exide on our blocks. This isn’t a million people marching on D.C., this is folks in our neighborhood stepping up and pushing back. It starts with folks who know each other talking about an issue...So you could say there’s the potential for this type of movement to happen in every community across the country. It starts with everyday folks who feel like enough is enough." Read more in the article linked here.

Let's thank mark! Lopez for doing this good work and reminding us there is work we can all do to protect our environment and future if we get busy and take action right where we are!

mark! Lopez
East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice
2317 S Atlantic Blvd.
Commerce, CA  90040