Sally Yates: American Hero

Sally Yates is a patriot. Read about her testimony yesterday, and write Yates a note of thanks via the UGA Alumni Association. We do not know where Yates is, or who her lawyer is, and we aren't looking. We chose the UGA Alumni Association, because even if the cards don't get to her, they should be aware that it makes sense to celebrate this most distinguished graduate. 

Patriotic UGA Grad Sally Yates
c/o University of Georgia Alumni Association
298 S Hull St
Athens, GA 30602


Al Franken cares about truth

Al Franken is a straight shooter. He asks the right questions and reveals the real answers. A couple of days ago, he asked a lawyer at the DOJ about what kind of message it sends to would-be criminals that we have a hate propagandist advising the president. That's an important question.

Watch Al ask, and then send him a thank you note at

Senator Al Franken
Saint Paul Office
60 Plato Blvd. East
Suite 220
Saint Paul, MN 55107